To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permit Applications

Do I need a permit for a shed?

Depends on the size of the shed. Two sets of drawings should get submitted to city hall for determination. Drawings should include cost of shed, materials and cost of materials. 

I am selling my home and need an inspection.

Applications are available on the website and in the city hall lobby; residential inspections are $125.00 and includes any reinspection needed.


Who is the Mayor?

Jermaine Matthew is the current Mayor of the City of Cool Valley.

How many wards are in Cool Valley?

The City of Cool Valley is divided into 2 wards.

Who are the Aldermen?

There are two Alderpersons per ward.

Ward 1:  Alderman Don Johnson

              Alderman Floyd Blackwell

Ward 2:  Alderman Alvin Robinson

              Alderwoman Earline Jones Collins

When are the monthly board meetings held?

The monthly public board meetings are every 4th Wednesday of the month at 6: 00 pm at city hall unless posted otherwise. 

My vehicle was towed in the City of Cool Valley; I need a vehicle release form. Who do I call?

you can call Normandy Police - our contract police department - at  #314 385-3300  or Cool Valley City Hall at # 314 521-3500 x: 803 during office hours to speak with the police clerk

Who do I speak with about a court case?

The City of Cool Valley has consolidated courts with the City of Normandy. Contact them at 314.333.3200 about court matters.

What are the policies for having pets?

Maximum of three pets ( cats or dogs ) per household

all animals need licenses with the city :  proof of rabies vaccinations required for license.  fee is $ 3.00


New Resident Resources

Do I need an occupancy certificate?

Yes. Once the home passes inspection, the head of household can come to city hall to obtain an occupancy certificate. Members of the home that are 18 years of age and older will need to provide a copy of their vaild state ID; occupancy certificates are $50.00

I just purchased my home, the process included an inspection, do I have to get an inspection through the city?

If there is an inspection on file from the city's inspector that is within the 90 day compliance period, another inspection is not required. You are ready to obtain your occupancy certificate.

If the 90 day compliance period has passed or if there is no record of an inspection within the last 90 days, an inspection is required before the unit can become occupied.

inpsection fees are $125.00


Does my fur baby need a license tag?

Yes, please bring vaccination records and fee of $3.00 to city hall to obtain tag.

Business Licenses & Permits

Do I need a business license for a home based business?


Do I need a MO State liquor license to obtain a liquor license in Cool Valley?


I have a home based business selling alcohol infused goods, do I need a liquor license?

Yes. You need a state and local license.

Do I have to attend a board meeting about my new business application?

Yes. You are the best person to advocate for your business. Business owners or authorized agent must fill out the proper paperwork, submit proper documentation along with fee and be present at the board meeting when the Board is discussing your business.

Planning & Inspections

Can I move in before I obtain an occupancy certificate?

No. Occupancy certificate is required before a unit can become occupied.

Is an inspection required?

Yes. A passed inspection from the city's inspector is required before an occupancy certificate is given.

What do I need to bring to city hall to obtain an occupancy certificate?

Come in with your valid state ID for all household memebers 18 years of age and older, front page of lease that shows address of unit and occupants names and $30. 

We accept cash and money orders.

If you are the homeowner, bring in the deed to the home.