Planning & Inspections

The City of Cool Valley Public Works Department is responsible for the following:

  • Enforcing building codes
  • Enforcing zoning regulations
  • Condemning 

Our Public Works Department and Administration Department take on the responsibility within our community of the following:

  • Enforcing building codes
  • Ensuring the health, safety and general welfare of our citizens

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move in before I obtain an occupancy certificate?

No. Occupancy certificate is required before a unit can become occupied.

Is an inspection required?

Yes. A passed inspection from the city's inspector is required before an occupancy certificate is given.

What do I need to bring to city hall to obtain an occupancy certificate?

Come in with your valid state ID for all household memebers 18 years of age and older, front page of lease that shows address of unit and occupants names and $30. 

We accept cash and money orders.

If you are the homeowner, bring in the deed to the home.